Amano Luxury House/Apartments.

AMANO Construction Established in 1993 successfully completed Luxury apartment project at flower road “Flower Court” on design to build basis in 1996.Recognized as the first Luxury Apartment built in Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for luxury House /Apartment Construction Company, then you have come to the right place. We also have in-house architects who can help you to design accommodating all your requirements.
As an experienced Construction company over 25 years in Sri Lanka, AMANO could assist you to execute your project strictly complying to the budget, securing High Quality international standards.

Over the years of experience Amano Group have developed Economical Techniques, Systems to ensure high quality durable long lasting construction. Our fast selling high quality Concrete / Cement special blocks are used to achieve significant results in the construction process which is explained below.  

Advantages of using AMANO Special concrete / cement blocks.

  • Wall plastering not required.
  • Special foundation blocks replaces traditional rubble foundation which is costly and time consuming during construction.
  • AMANO do not break walls policy could save money, time and achieve high quality construction by using Amano special blocks at the time of  Electrical wiring, A/C installation.

Contact our technical team for further details or any other technical clarifications.

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