Amano Spandrell

Spandrell is a high grade finishing material introduced exclusively for ceilings and partitions, manufactured by AMANO the pioneers of colour bonded (Aluminium / Zinc) alloy coted roofing and cladding in Sri Lanka.


  • The unique “clip – on” fixing system ensures that no installation bolts or nuts are visible over the finished surface.
  • It is versatile and can be dismantled, re-installed or modified without any damages to the finished surface.
  •  Available in many attractive colours to match corporate color schemes including wood grain finish.
  •  Could be manufactured to customer desired lengths.
  • AMANO products are manufactured with Japanese Technology using high quality “YODOGAWA” alloy coated colour bonded steel directly imported from Japan. Warranty for 10 years under normal condition.
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Material Specifications

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